Complete Auto Wash & Wax Package SUV’s TRUCKS

$200.00 $150.00

Our professional services consist of a complete cleaning of your vehicle. We have served the Finger Lakes region for over 40 years. Our job is to clean the engine, door jams, windows, shampoo carpets, clean/condition leather, cloth, and vinyl vacuum. tire dressing. wash wax your vehicle. We make the interior and exterior of your vehicle look new again.



Includes but not limited too: Wash and Scrub entire vehicle including any bugs,road paint or dirty debris including sap from trees. Then your vehicle is  Air Dried.  We thoroughly Hand buff entire vehicle including roof.  Vacuum entire vehicle including trunk & hidden compartments, cracks and crevices,  clean door jams & trunk jams, windows, shampoo carpets, clean & condition leather, cloth, and vinyl seats. clean all consoles including dash and vents, clean wheels, clean door jams. Clean and spray exterior  trim with high gloss finish protection to bring out lasting shine.


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